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Stellara Advisors Team


Providing Stellar Consulting, Strategic Marketing, Executive Breakthrough Coaching & Business Management Advisory Solutions.

Roxy Campos-Lara


  • Principal Owner & Business Executive Director

Roxy Campos-Lara collectively holds over 25 years of developed experience, both, in personal growth and professional development as a business executive and human relations professional. She is passionate about building extraordinary business partnerships, executive leadership trainings, emotional intelligence coaching, talent acquisition, organizational management, project analytics, and, educational program training and development. 

Roxy is a visionary, a changemaker, and an intuitive empath. Her business acumen, creativity, tenacity, and gifted amazing eye for detail made Roxy the integral component and ideal guiding-force for the inception and emergence of Stellar(a) Advisors.  

And, for those of you that have had the pleasure of knowing Roxy, you would know that successfully founding and cultivating Stellara Advisors Group has been such a thrill and an abundant source of joy for her. 

Stellara Advisors is an achievement tribute to Roxy, honoring her dream of creating a successful strategic advisory and youth empowerment firm, focused on abundant excellence while providing powerful solutions and stellar results.  It is a combination of Roxy's extensive business management experience, coupled with her leadership skills, business success knowledge & proven emotional-intelligence coaching expertise --in both the Personal Growth and Professional Development realms-- that has unequivocally granted her the remarkable ability to make Stellara Advisors shine.  

Roxy's integrity, savvy, effervescence & passion for all of life's beautiful things makes her a dynamic business partner, accomplished associate and more importantly, a trusted genuine-friend. 

Our Team is excited for the success of Stellara Advisors (a subsidiary of the emerging Lara Strategic Advisors, Inc. [LSA Inc.] Corporate Group umbrella).  

And, Stellara Advisors is dedicated to the exponential growth of the LSA Inc. Corporate Group's purpose-driven vision and the infinite expansion of it's legacy-focused mission, of which includes:

  • Lara Strategic Advisors, Inc. - A Building Development & Land-Use Investments full-service strategic consulting and government advocacy firm; focused on championing building development & land-use Initiatives with innovative strategies and tactical problem solving solutions, while effectively interacting with all levels of Government, Investors, and Developers.
  • StellaraAdvisors.com - A Personal Growth & Professional Development Advisory Firm; Providing Executive Breakthrough Consulting & Business Management Solutions.
  • PeoplePlacement.org -   A  minority owned on-profit Staffing Agency. 
    • Our Mission is to assist candidates with preparing for and securing gainful employment in the local workforce, through Career Counseling, Interview Coaching, and Resume Reviews and Skillset Improvement.  People Placement is dedicated to helping individuals find employment, and committed to Placing qualified People with integrity focused companies.
  • JuicyLove.com - An exclusive Membership-Only Dreammaking Club.  
    • In committed services as the ideal manifesting place for sophisticated, mature, seriously like-minded singles  in quest of pure-love (meeting and matching and honoring each others juicy standards).
  • Integrity Quest (iQ) Academy (CampLaRA!) - An animal ('pet') friendly school-break camp offering children personal growth and 
  • youth development solutions. 
    • Designed for family unit perseverance and personal empowerment, catering to all walks of life, including single-parent homes, foster-care, adoption, and most other special-needs programs.  
    • A seasonal camp focusing on providing fun educational / empowerment workshops for children, and, serving as a weekend emotional intelligence, success leadership & motivational training camp for at-risk & special-needs kids from under-privileged neighborhoods.
    • Camp HoopLa-ra! is our organization's non-profit educational services foundation, encompassing one of our many philanthropic passions and public servant endeavors.

David (Dave) Lara


Executive Consulting Partner

With 36 solid years of government, media relations and community outreach experience, including 15 years at Los Angeles City Hall as city agency, government and media liaison, Lara Strategic Advisors, Inc.' Founder & Chief Executive Officer, David (Dave) Lara, is hailed as one of the most distinguished, creative, resourceful, and respected leading executive managers recently working at the City of Los Angeles. 

Dave's extensive career has positioned him to collaborate and work together with many City of Los Angeles staff members, developers, investors, and, has earned him the genuine respect of elected officials, local government agencies, and community leaders.


He brings solid expertise in government,  community outreach and public & media relations, in addition to holding highly respected synergy with local elected officials, department executives, real estate developers, building contractors and land-use investors; Dave collaborates effectively and efficiently, bringing forth promising results for projects investment needs.

During Dave's tenure as the City of L.A. Department of Building & Safety as Inspection Bureau, Asst. Chief, he was also the City of L.A. "Public Information Officer (PIO)" for the division; serving as the department's media and public relations spokesperson for 10 years. 

Below is an interview with KNBC 4 News regarding construction wall ad-signs: Click Video Link: Construction Sign Advertising Blitz 

With almost four decades of distinguished public service, Dave developed a complete understanding of all the complexities and nuances surrounding a wide array of building and land-use challenges. And, he has successfully expanded his governmental arena experience and tactical problem solving skills into a multi-faceted strategic advisory firm that champions building and land development investments with innovative problem solving solutions. 

Lara Strategic Advisors, Inc., provides development process training, strategic problem solving solutions and advisory expertise for our client's project entitlement, permit, and inspection approval processes; effectively and efficiently advocating building & land development investments. 

Dave contributes innovative knowledge and tactical solutions to Stellara Advisors, in the realm of public relations, strategic communications and government advocacy expertise, coupled with his pivotal leadership, critical negotiation skills, media relations, and community outreach experience.   

Dave effectively and efficiently collaborates with business decision-makers while creating project management and process resolution. 

He  proactive approach and problem solving solutions consistently fosters a 'can-do' attitude and a 'win-win' outcome.

For Dave's BIO & In depth Background, click on the Lara Strategic Advisors,Inc.corporate website's  'About Our Founder & CEO' section.